How-to | Work with editable datasets#

Editable datasets in Dataiku can be changed directly in a table view. Though not as powerful as a tool like the Prepare recipe, editable datasets may be easier or more intuitive for spreadsheet users to work with.

Add an editable dataset to the Flow#

  1. Click +Dataset at the top right of the Flow.

  2. Select Editable and choose Create empty editable dataset, Import from dataset, or Import from file.

  3. Name your new dataset and click Create.

Make an existing dataset editable#

  1. Select the dataset you wish to make editable.

  2. In the right panel, click Push to editable under Other recipes.

  3. Create the recipe.

Modify an editable dataset#

  1. Open your editable dataset from the Flow.

  2. Switch to the Edit tab.

  3. Start making changes to the data.

  4. Save these updates when you are ready.

Changes you can make include:

  • Editing the value of individual cells.

  • Changing the name and storage type of columns.

  • Reordering columns.

  • Adding, removing, or clearing columns.

To make things easier, you can also sort, filter, and search the editable dataset.