How-to | Duplicate a Dataiku project#

In many situations, an existing project can serve as a useful template for a new project. Fortunately, it is very easy to duplicate a Dataiku project so you never need to manually replicate a Flow.

You can initiate this process from the project homepage or the Dataiku projects page.

See also

Whether you want to copy the project to the same or another instance, for more information, see the How to Copy a Dataiku Project article in the reference documentation.

From the project homepage#

From the homepage of the project you want to copy, select Actions > Duplicate project. This will produce a dialog window through which you can edit the project name and key and specify a destination where the project should be copied.

You can also specify advanced options such as duplication mode (should all of the data be duplicated or only the Flow?) and any connections that may need to be re-mapped.


From the projects page#

Another way to start the same process is, from the Projects page, right-clicking on the tile of the project to be copied and choosing Duplicate project.


The video below walks through the process for copying projects in detail: