Support on Dataiku Cloud

The reference documentation details how to obtain support. Use the resources here to access support specifically for Dataiku Cloud.

Reference | Support chat widget

Dataiku Cloud has built-in native support that you can access from the lower-right corner of all pages. You can use this support window to ask questions or receive help.

The support window is available by clicking on the green icon located at the bottom right of your screen.



In addition to finding a response in the chat window, you will also receive the reply by email.

How-to | Grant Dataiku support access to your instance

In order to provide dedicated help, our support team may ask you to activate support access from the Launchpad.

  1. From the Launchpad of your space, navigate to the Settings panel.

  2. Click to allow Dataiku’s support access to your instance.



This is enabled by default for 1 day; up to 7 days can be selected.

FAQ | Should I email support -at- dataiku -dot- com if I need help?

No, the best mechanism to receive support for Dataiku Cloud is by leveraging the support window that has been natively integrated into the platform. This will reroute your inquiry to our Dataiku Cloud teams automatically and ensure the most rapid response for you.