Automation Node on Dataiku Cloud

Dataiku’s architecture includes an Automation node for deploying project bundles to production environments.

Dataiku Cloud manages the configuration and the infrastructure of the Automation node and the Deployer for you. Explore resources here for using the Automation node on Dataiku Cloud.

How-to | Install the Automation node

  1. Navigate to the Extensions panel of the Launchpad.

  2. Click Add an Extension and then Automation node.

  3. Choose which existing connections, plugins, and email channels on the Design node should be added to the new Automation node.

  4. Click Create to install the Automation node on your instance.



You can also add a new connection or plugin on the Automation node at any point in time after you have activated it.

Tip | Plugins and connections on the Automation node

Note that the management of plugins and connections for the Automation node is done in the Launchpad for Dataiku Cloud.