Wrap Up: Machine Learning Basics


You’ve just completed the Machine Learning Basics course, where you gained experience in working with visual machine learning in Dataiku DSS.

Here are a few of the main takeaways from this course:

  • You discovered ways to prepare a dataset for machine learning, look for potential issues in your data, and select and create features.

  • You learned how to create quick prototypes that can be used as iterative starting points for modeling.

  • In the Design Tab and Result Tab concept videos, you discovered ways to modify your model’s design and track its performance, all with the goal of generating the best possible results.

  • Then you learned about tuning the model, including how to handle different features, and optimize hyperparameters.

  • Finally, the Explainable AI section introduced ways to build trustworthy, transparent, and bias-free models.

Learn More

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